Weekend in Warsaw - What to Do? Great Tourist Destinations and Historic Attractions

Weekend in Warsaw – What to Do? Great Tourist Destinations and Historic Attractions

Corpus Christi is the second most popular Polish holiday after May 3rd, Poland’s Constitution Day. Corpus Christi signifies faith, commitment, and faith. It is a day when the streets are adorned with flower beds, songs are sung, and processions are held.

Corpus Chrisity coinciding with the long weekend at the end of May and the beginning of June is a great time to explore Warsaw’s scenery and rich cultural tradition. You can expect favorable weather, festivities, and outdoor attractions.

When is Corpus Christi (2024)?

In 2024, Corpus Christi falls on Thursday, May 30th, creating an excellent opportunity to use the following weekend to explore the capital. Just one day off is enough to enjoy a four-day break seeing what Warsaw has to offer.

What to Do in Warsaw During the Long Weekend in June?

During your visit to the capital, you should take advantage of the opportunity to visit many of Poland’s most popular tourist destinations. The capital has something to offer everyone—families, history enthusiasts, art lovers, foodies, and party-goers alike.

Old Town

One of the most visited parts of the city, cobblestone streets and restored historic tenements give the Warsaw Old Town a unique and mystifying atmosphere. Here, you’ll find the city’s most valuable and oldest monuments, including the Old Town Market Square, Barbican, Royal Castle, and Castle Square, from where you can walk to Krakowskie Przedmieście and see the Presidential Palace.


The capital offers several highly valued museums that document important aspects of Warsaw’s rich history. The most popular ones include:

  • The Royal Castle,
  • The Warsaw Museum,
  • The National Museum,
  • The Warsaw Rising Museum,
  • The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews,
  • The Fryderyk Chopin Museum.


When visiting Warsaw, you can’t miss its parks—there are over 80 of them! The most famous one, of course, is the Royal Łazienki Park, which features the picturesque Palace on the Isle and many other historically significant buildings.

The Royal Łazienki Park of course is by no means the only park worth visiting in Warsaw. You should certainly check out the Krasiński Garden, Skaryszewski Park, and the Warsaw University Roof Garden.


While sightseeing, you’ll come across innumerable cafes and restaurants offering both Polish and international cuisines. Warsaw’s culinary achievements are certainly no less than its historic significance and beautiful scenery.

You can’t miss the KUK restaurant at the Verte Hotel, where guests can enjoy exceptional dishes prepared from fresh ingredients and spend time in a cozy atmosphere.

Family Attractions

Warsaw is a family-friendly city that offers many attractions that equally appeal to adults and children alike.

Check out the Copernicus Science Centre which offers more than 450 interactive experiments allowing your children to see for themselves how basic science principles apply to the real world. You can take a trip to Warsaw’s many zoos, which have animals from all corners of the world. And if you want to relax, a cruise on the Vistula River is an excellent idea, which allows you to see the city from a different perspective.

Warsaw for a Weekend? Welcome to Verte!

For those planning to spend the long June weekend in the capital, we encourage you to book a stay at Verte. A unique hotel that combines a great location in the historic heart of Warsaw with a relaxing atmosphere, Verte is perfectly poised to provide an excellent experience for those looking to explore Warsaw at their leisure.

The facilities available at Verte include a wellness area with a gym, saunas, and spa rooms operated by La Perla Clinic. When it comes to food, you can enjoy your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in various dining spaces including a glass pavilion, bar, intimate garden, and the hotel’s KUK restaurant offering great food from a unique menu prepared by our head chef.

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