One hotel. More than one culinary space. Experience our cuisine at different times of the day in Verte’s diverse interiors.

Find at your disposal an intimate garden, a glass pavilion, an atmospheric bar and a cosy restaurant – each created to display unusual character and relaxed ambience.

The Garden

For a warm evening and a long lazy morning.

The garden invites you to lurk just behind the main gate of the hotel, on Podwale Street. Enjoy a tasty coffee, have breakfast with friends, slow down just before the day ends. In the evenings, Warsaw Old Town enters a completely different rhythm. Experience this special vibe sitting right next to it.

The Pavilion

A glazed façade of our cosy pavilion means proximity to the Old Town whatever the season or the weather is

Sit back, have breakfast, celebrate your time. You will discover that it can pass way slower here. Take a break from the confines of your day-to-day.

The Bar

Welcoming interiors, soft lighting and music that sets the mood.

Our bar is THE place for both formal and informal meetings to crown the day. Make yourself comfortable, enjoy our spirits and feel the character of this boutique-like unconventional place.

Playing with forms and flavours. Local products served in an unconventional fashion.

An experienced chef with courage and imagination. This is how cooking in KUK restaurant tastes like. But KUK does not only serve exceptional cuisine, it invites you to enjoy your time.