Natural wood, cool stone and thick woven fabrics. Each of our rooms represents the highest quality, a variety of materials and designs created exclusively with hotel Verte Warsaw Autograph Collection in mind.

Immerse yourself in one of 94 rooms – each of them being a journey to the world of exceptional design and a pleasure of a comfortable stay. Experience their welcoming lightness, finesse, good taste and imagination. Is there history in the background? Naturally. However, just like Canaletto’s work – with a gentle wink.


Due to the boutique style of the hotel, rooms may differ from the one presented in the picture.



Rooms ranging from 19 to 25 m², a cosy space, perfect for a moment of rest after a stroll through the streets of the Old Town. The bright décor, the design with a historical touch and modern multimedia system will make you feel really comfortable.

Occupancy: 1 person.



Rooms ranging from 21 to 34 m² designed to calm your senses and relax your body. Warm fabric and wood structures create a pleasant, almost homely atmosphere.

Occupancy: 2 people.


Moderno Deluxe

Rooms located on the top floor, ranging from 23 to 25 m² Enjoy exceptional views. Panoramic windows overview not only the hotel surroundings, but also the carefully restored sculptures that adorn the roof of the building. Moderno Deluxe provides space not only for relaxation, but also for work.

Occupancy: 2 people.



Rooms ranging from 27 to 38 m²; a modern ambient enriched by historical touches. This combination creates a unique style that invites you to relax before embarking on a further fascinating journey through the historical heart of Warsaw.

Occupancy: 2 people.



Rooms ranging from 34 to 38 m² in which every detail has been designed to provide the utmost comfort for our guests. Unusual design, a unique combination of fabrics and plenty of daylight together create the extraordinary qualities of the Storico.

Occupancy: 2 people.


Storico - Suite

Spacious rooms ranging from 48 to 59 m² provide the perfect space for both work, meetings and relaxation. Storico-Suite is filled with beautiful architectural details, evoking the history of the building. Here, every detail matters.

Occupancy: 2 people.


Verte Suite

The largest suite of 92 m². It offers a delightful view of the historic Miodowa Street and the Warsaw Nike monument. The Verte Suite consists of a living area for work or meetings and a lounge area for a good dose of privacy.

Occupancy: 2 people

How about a business trip to Warsaw? Or a family city break? Or maybe a romantic stay for two, topped with dinner and a stroll in the cosy streets of the Old Town?

All our rooms were designed to be the best setting for your stay in Warsaw. Choose from amongst several types of rooms, each with its own distinctive design and character. Each room provides our guests with comfort equal to the one of large and palatial spaces.
We do not stop here. Hotel Verte Warsaw also offers an unforgettable perspective on what lies beyond the windows – the view. The courtyard, Miodowa Street or the Old Town – whichever perspective you choose, each will enchant you. Day and night.