Hotel SPA - Warsaw

Serenity of mind,
wellness of body

Visit the Verte Hotel to treat yourself to a moment of respite in the very heart of Warsaw. Our wellness area offers a tranquil space with access to spa treatment rooms managed by La Perla Clinic, saunas, and a gym. Thanks to professional techniques and high-quality cosmetics, you can find the perfect conditions for active relaxation and serene tranquillity during soothing treatments.


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When time stands still

Indulge in an oasis of calm with relaxing essential oils, a passionate staff, and a harmonious blend of warm decor and historic architecture – all coming together to create a unique atmosphere that fosters deep and adequate relaxation. Each treatment and massage occurs in meticulously prepared rooms, ensuring the comfort and privacy essential for proper rest.

Surrender to delightful treatments aimed at easing your body, rejuvenating your skin, and momentarily detaching from the here and now. The use of specialized cosmetics and the knowledge and experience of the La Perla Clinic staff will ensure that the sensation of extraordinary relaxation will linger long after you leave our suite.


Fortify your body and dissolve tension.

A visit to the sauna can also be immensely beneficial for rejuvenation after a demanding day or an intense workout. A sauna session positively affects both body and mind, alleviating fatigue and enhancing skin condition. At Verte, Warsaw, Autograph Collection, you can experience steam and dry saunas.

Verte Gift Vouchers

Give your loved ones a unique gift

Verte gift vouchers answer the needs of our guests who would like to give something unique to their loved ones. Together with La Perla Clinic, we have also introduced personalized SPA vouchers. It’s a gateway to modern treatments, giving regeneration and deep relaxation. We invite you to visit our online store and learn more about our offer.

Verte Gym

State-of-the-art machines, quality endorsed by the renowned Techno Gym brand.

This space is tailored to meet the expectations of guests for whom sport is an essential part of their day. All cardio machines are equipped with multimedia screens, a feature that will surely be appreciated by those who like to stay connected, as they can be paired with a phone. Moreover, advanced training programs allow for the customization of load and difficulty level to suit the individual capabilities of the user. The experience is completed with equipment and accessories that enable strength training.

Spa Packages

Verte Package
Warm Classic Massage with candle scrub with elements of aromatherapy based on Polish speciality herbs. Revitalizes and relaxes. Combined with an exceptionally nourishing, revitalizing and lifting facial massage. Based on the regenerating effect of the Miracle Snail cosmetic series with snail mucus extract and CBD.
135min / 690 PLN
Verte Package for Two
Verte Package treatments performed in a specially prepared VIP Room.
135min / 1380 PLN

Polish Facial Rituals

Amethyst Pearl
Exclusive, rejuvenating facial treatment, deeply regenerating, improving skin tone and giving it velvety smoothness. Thanks to use of the amethyst roller, it reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, as well as the visibility of fine wrinkles.
55min / 550 PLN
Pearl of Amber
Exclusive, rejuvenating facial treatment, deeply regenerating. Improving skin tone and giving it velvety smoothness. Performed with regional, sensory-soothing natural goods.
55min / 550 PLN

Polish Rituals for The Body

The Ritual of the Polish Forest
Relaxing massage for the muscles of the whole body. Performed with a proprietary recipe of bison grass oil to the accompaniment of the Spirit of the Forest. Aromatherapy body drainage provides relaxation and unwinding. The treatment is recommended for both ladies and gentlemen.
60min / 450 PLN
The Magic of Amber Ritual
A luxurious, relaxing and restorative, massage performed with regional sensory-soothing natural goods, providing relaxation and indulgence.
60min / 450 PLN

Face Massages

Lifting Face Massage
Manual, face massage with biocellulose mask. Reduces swellings, makes skin look healthier and younger.
45min / 370 PLN
Kobido La Perla Massage
A orginal version of this treatment has a stronger lifting effect. Kobido La Perla is combined with a biocelulose mask with a strong regenerating and moisturizing effect.
70min / 640 PLN

Body Treatments

Classic Relaxing Massage - without body peel
Perfect solution to remove physical and mental tiredness.
60min / 320 PLN
Classic Relaxing Massage - with body peel
Perfect solution to remove physical and mental tiredness.
70min / 350 PLN
Classic Warm Massage - without body peel
Warm candle massage with aromatherapy.
60min / 370 PLN
Classic Warm Massage - with body peel
Warm candle massage with aromatherapy.
70min / 390 PLN
Sports Massage
Intensive, manual massage, perfect for tense muscles.
55min / 420 PLN

Body Treatments

Classic Back, Shoulders and Neck Massage
Relief for tense muscles.
30min / 300 PLN
Deeply relaxing and regenerating treatment, reducing muscle tension, back pain. In addition, it reduces adipose tissue, levels resistant cellulite and slims the silhouette.
45min / 435 PLN
Body lymphatic drainage. Treatment for tired legs.
45min / 415 PLN

Face Rituals

Golden Pearl
An anti-aging treatment with lifting and anti-wrinkle properties.
60min / 470 PLN
Diamond Pearl
A luxurious, lifting, and anti-aging treatment that makes the skin firm and bright.
60min / 590 PLN
Miracle Snail Pearl
A super-nourishing, revitalizing, and lifting facial massage. Based on the regenerating effects of the Miracle Snail cosmetic series with snail secretion filtrate and CBD.
70min / 610 PLN

Body Rituals

Beauty Box Organic Ritual
An intensive moisturizing, smoothing and firming ritual based on Beauty Box’s proprietary organic cosmetics.
60min / 430 PLN
La Perla Ritual
Original relaxing ritual with slimming and body shaping effect.
90min / 520 PLN

Rituals for Future Moms

Beauty Box Organic Ritual
60min / 430 PLN
Lifting Face Massage
45min / 370 PLN

Rituals for Men

The Masculine Face
Cleansing and revitalising facial treatment with powerful rejuvenating effects.
60min / 360 PLN
The Gentleman’s Ritual
Luxurious men’s facial complete care treatment, with immediate lifting effect, stimulate skin to regeneration.
60min / 470 PLN