Top 10 Things to Do in Old Town, Warsaw

Top 10 Things to Do in Old Town, Warsaw

Thanks to good train and flight connections to other European capitals, affordable prices and a variety of attractions to explore, Warsaw is a great destination for a city break. It perfectly combines modern business centres with historical and cultural landmarks to offer something for everyone, whether you’re travelling with family, friends or alone.

The most popular part of Poland’s capital is, without a doubt, the Old Town, with its historical architecture, cosy cafes, cobbled alleyways and varied places to see and visit. Warsaw’s Old Town is full of opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, relaxing, having fun and experiencing local cuisine.

In the article below, we’ll list some of the more interesting tourist spots and things to do in Old Town Warsaw to help you plan your trip.

Interesting Facts About Warsaw

  • What is the oldest part of Warsaw? The oldest part of the Polish capital city is the Old Town, especially the Old Town Market Square, which dates back to the late 13th century.
  • What is the most famous street in Warsaw? The most famous streets in Warsaw include Krakowskie Przedmieście (Krakow Suburb Street), Nowy Świat (New World) and Aleje Ujazdowskie (Ujazdów Avenue), all of which are part of the Royal Route leading from the Old Town to Wilanów Palace.
  • Are there any UNESCO World Heritage sites in Warsaw? Yes, the Warsaw Old Town was added to the list in 1980 due to its historical and cultural value.
  • How old is Warsaw’s Old Town? Some of the historical buildings in the Warsaw Old Town are not actually as old as their own history. That’s because during the Second World War, 85% of Warsaw was destroyed. However, the rebuilding project started after the war used archival documents and old art to ensure a faithful reconstruction.
  • How many parks are there in Warsaw? There are 88 parks in Warsaw with a total area of 930 ha. Among the most popular parks are the Krasiński Garden, Skaryszew Park and Łazienki Park.
  • Who are the most famous Varsovians in history? Maria Skłodowska-Curie, Frédéric Chopin, Casimir Pulaski, Tamara Łempicka, and Władysław Szpilman are just a few examples of Varsovians known around the world for their achievements.

10 Things to See and Do in Warsaw Old Town

The Old Town Market Square

There’s no better place to start a sightseeing tour than in the very heart of the Warsaw Old Town. The Old Town Market Square is not only its oldest part but has been a central part of the city ever since its creation in the 13th century. Although this part of the Old Town was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, it has kept its unique historical atmosphere thanks to the extensive and detailed reconstruction work carried out in the 1940s and 1950s. The current Market Square was rebuilt to restore the appearance of the 17th-century Old Town.

The Mermaid of Warsaw Statue

While visiting the Old Town Market Square, it’s worth taking a minute to meet the symbol of Warsaw – the Mermaid. While there are numerous monuments and statues of the Mermaid of Warsaw scattered throughout the city, the one standing in the centre of the Market Square is definitely among the most recognisable ones. This particular statue is a bronze sculpture by Konstanty Hegel and has been a well-known element of the Old Town’s landscape since 1855, though the original was repaired and transferred to the Museum of Warsaw in 2008, and now a copy stands in its place.

The Sigismund’s Column

Just a short walk from the Old Town Market Square is the Castle Square located, rather appropriately for its name, in front of the Royal Castle. Its best-known landmark is the Sigismund’s Column, which dates back to 1644 and commemorates King Sigismund III Vasa. The Castle Square itself is surrounded by a number of historical buildings, many of which house restaurants and cafés, making it the perfect place for a short break.

The Royal Castle

The Royal Castle in Warsaw, Old Town has a long, rich and often turbulent history. With the oldest parts of the castle dating back to the 14th century, it’s a building that has witnessed some of the most important events in Polish history. It used to serve as a Royal Residence, but today, it’s open to everyone as an art and historical museum. Almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, the Castle was reconstructed in the 1970s, mainly thanks to voluntary donations from Polish citizens both in the country and abroad.

The Barbican

Another landmark in Warsaw (Old Town) that’s a must-see for tourists interested in history is the Barbican. It’s part of the remaining historical fortifications that used to encircle the Old Town. Inside, you can find a museum depicting the history of the city walls, including their reconstruction after the war.

Visit Historical Churches

Poland is home to many historical churches, and the Old Town, Warsaw, is no exception. Within a short walk along the cobbled streets, not far from Castle Square, you can come across the Neoclassical St. Anne’s and Carmelite Churches and the Brick Gothic St. John’s Archcathedral, among others. All of these buildings are impressive in their own right and worth seeing while you’re in the area.

The Museum of Warsaw

When admiring old tenement houses in the Old Town Square, you may want to go inside and learn more about Warsaw’s history. That’s the location of the main branch of the Museum of Warsaw (previously known as the Historical Museum of Warsaw). The museum tells the story of Warsaw right from its foundation through archaeological evidence, numismatics, and art.

And if you’d like to explore different topics, you can find numerous other museums and art galleries nearby, such as the Museum Of Caricature and Cartoon Art, the Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature or the Fryderyk Chopin Museum to name a few.

The Presidential Palace

As one of the most important buildings in modern Polish history, the Presidential Palace is another popular destination for tourists. It’s the official residence of the Polish President, so visiting opportunities are limited and tours must be booked in advance. However, you can admire the facade of the Presidential Palace at any time by taking a walk along the Krakowskie Przedmieście street.

Take a Walk Around the Old Town

Sometimes, the best way to find something worth seeing is to get lost. Well, not literally, but if you have some free time to spare, wander around the Old Town without any specific destination in mind and enjoy the unique atmosphere created by the cobbled alleyways and beautiful old buildings. However, if you’re someone who likes having a clear plan and schedule, you can book a guided tour to not only see all the landmarks, but learn more about their history as well.

Enjoy Excellent Polish Food

There’s no better place to try Polish cuisine than Poland itself. As a popular destination among both local and international tourists, the Old Town in Warsaw offers a great number of excellent restaurants, many of which offer authentic local dishes.

One of them is our very own KUK Restaurant at Hotel Verte, Warsaw, Autograph Collection. Located a short distance from the Castle Square, it’s the perfect location to try Polish food with a unique twist. Our Chef has created a one-of-a-kind menu based on fresh and local ingredients to combine traditional flavours with modern techniques. A visit to KUK Restaurant is more than a simple meal, it’s an experience that will transform into a wonderful memory of your time in the Warsaw Old Town.

FAQ About Visiting Warsaw

Is Warsaw a Walkable City?

Yes, you can easily explore the Old Town on foot without any problem. And if you want to visit landmarks in other parts of the city, there are many taxis and public transport options available, including buses, trams, subway, and trains.

Is Warsaw Affordable?

Warsaw is quite affordable compared to other European capitals, especially those in Western Europe. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot expect the same quality from your dining and hotel experiences.

Is One Day Enough for Warsaw?

You can see and do quite a lot in Warsaw in one day, especially in the Old Town, as the most popular landmarks are relatively close to one another. But to truly experience the atmosphere and see everything this city has to offer, we recommend staying for at least three or four days.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Warsaw?

You can find a lot of attractions in Warsaw throughout the year. There’s always something to do or see in the Old Town. During the summer months, you can expect the best weather, but this usually means more tourists as well. And if you’re a fan of Christmas, a winter visit may be a great option as the streets and shop windows are completely transformed with Christmas decorations, creating a truly festive atmosphere.

Stay at Hotel Verte and Enjoy the Unique Atmosphere of Warsaw’s Old Town

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